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The average person's foreign exchange transaction is in having to change their currency into the currency of the country they wish to visit. This they do by going to the High street travel agent, Post Office, or bank. They do not worry too much about saving on the exchange rate for the  relatively small amount in question.

There comes a time when they may wish to make a much larger transaction abroad such as buying a car or a boat, but mainly a house. This of course is a different cup of tea, and it is much cheaper to use the services of foreign currency exchange companies who can arrange cheaper quotes than the High street banks, therefore making it possible to save considerable money.

In the case for our company we like to keep things simple and easy to understand.

Take an example of a Mr Smith wanting to buy a property in France. He needs to have a sum to cover the cost of the house and a sum to cover the other payments such as agent’s fees etc. He adds it all up and comes to a total amount he will need to have in the foreign currency – in this case the Euro. He has to get the required Euros. He now begins to realize that the price of the house also has a cost of the currency exchange rate to consider.

All Mr Smith has to do is to tell us what sum he needs to have in Euros. We will call him back and indicate the sum of pounds he would need to have, in order to reach the amount in Euros required. We can only indicate at this stage, because currency rates fluctuate. However, he will get a pretty good idea how much he will need. If and when he decides he actually wants to proceed, we would tell him where to send his funds ( bank to bank ) and upon receipt of these cleared funds we would be able to act on his order to actually buy the foreign currency of his choice. We would of course give him a rate- quote based on the time and day and ask for his agreement before proceeding. Our bank will have instructions to transfer the purchased Euros to his account at his nominated bank via a bank to bank electronic transfer.

The best way for a client is to open a bank account in the country and place where he is buying the house. This is quite easy and the local estate agent will be pleased to introduce him to a bank.

We welcome clients to check if they can get better currency exchange rates elsewhere before deciding to go with us, because we are confident that they will be pleased with our quote.

Furthermore, all Senior Citizens get a special discount well worth having!

Paul Dubsky

Director Foreign Currency Exchange & Transfers Ltd.
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Letter from our client


Buying a house in rural France was a dream my husband Paul and I had held for almost twenty years, since we first visited this beautiful country together, in the late 1980s.

Several holidays later we settled in our hearts that the region we loved best, was Le Lot (or 'Quercy' in old French) in the South West of France, about two hours' drive north east of Toulouse.  We narrowed down our choice to a particular area in Le Lot, 'La Bouriane'.  The countryside here is tranquil, green and pastoral, with rolling hills and fertile valleys, vineyards, fruit and nut orchards, interspersed by many attractive old stone farm buildings, peculiar to the Quercynois style. 

In the summer of 2007, we sold our house in Kent and embarked on an adventure to realize our dream.  The sale was completed in September; however, as we excitedly anticipated ownership of our house in Le Lot, we puzzled at how we could most effectively transfer the funds from the transaction, to our bank account in France.

Paul and Alena Dubsky, friends of ours for over eight years, suggested that we use Foreign Currency Exchange & Transfers Limited to maximize the exchange rate we would receive from sterling to euros, and also benefit from their "free of charge for transmission of funds" policy. At the time we needed to transfer our money, there was a good deal of volatility in the market.  We were extremely pleased to be in the position to take advantage of the Dubskys' very knowledgeable advice and to note, that we had received the best exchange rate we could have realized. For us, as for everyone needing to send large sums of money to other countries – especially in these financially uncertain times – this service is essential.

Thank you, Paul and Alena!


From Lilie and Paul of Folkestone


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